The Rotary Club of Hamburg Farms to Families Program has been in operation in Western New York for 13 years and during that time, over 500,000 pounds of produce have been collected and distributed to 23 area food distribution centers (four food kitchens with dining rooms and 19 pantries) in Hamburg and Western New York.  

As of October 2020, 4,000 families are being served each week, with all expenses and labor provided by members and friends of the Rotary Club of Hamburg. The project was founded by Rotarian Earl Knauss, who at age 88, remains actively involved with members and friends throughout the growing season until the first hard freeze. 

Spring through fall, teams of Rotarians and volunteers travel to participating local farms and pick up fruit and vegetables for distribution, most of it with slight visual imperfections. The produce is then distributed to the dining rooms and pantries for meals and distribution for those in need.