Posted by Lisa Avery on May 30, 2018

Once again the Rotary Club of Hamburg will be participating in a youth exchange program. Rotary International hosts and sends high school students on an educational exchange with countries around the world.  Our Hamburg club is sponsoring an outbound student who will be going to Argentina. We are hosting a young man from the Czech Republic who will be attending Hamburg High School.

It is preference of Rotary that each of our students stay in three homes for about three and a half months each. We believe in that way students have a chance to experience more than one type of household and one type of family while they are here.

If you are interested in hosting a student this year, or learning more about the program, please email and we will get you more information. This program benefits the student as well as the Hamburg household who welcomes a guest. Truly a student may enter your home as a guest, but most leave as family. To do research on your own, simply go to to learn more.